Soy-Based Wax Melts


Stuff My Stocking- This invigorating Peppermint and Mocha will Stuff your stocking and senses with pleasure.

Snicker My Doodle- A scrumptious cinnamon and sugar cookie treat for a cozy night between the sheets.
Moon Polish- Gingerbread delights with this special fragrance for this magical season. Hoe Hoe Hoe- This fragrance will bring you home for the holidays in this warm and cozy fragrance, with a hint of cinnamon, pine, orange, ginger and love.

What are candle melts? Our fragranced wax melts are the perfect candle alternative for those who, don’t prefer an open flame in their home. These scented wax stars are used in electric wax melt burners to help make any space smell better in minutes. Each high-quality soy-based wax melt is highly scented and will fill the rooms in your home with a delightful, invigorating and unique scent. These wax stars allow you to add an aroma of whatever scent you choose to any room of your home — without ever having to light a candle.

Break off a scented wax cube for a scent sensation. Our melting wax tarts can be used in pieces to deliver the desired level of scent strength for your space. They last longer and deliver a powerful & pleasant aroma that you’ll absolutely love. 

Our candle wax melts are hand made to meet our normal high standards of quality. They contain absolutely no harmful substances or banned chemicals. We proudly hand pour these wax cubes in the U.S. with the highest quality ingredients, which are made to deliver a strong, long-lasting aroma.

Each star will lasts for hours, so you’re getting a great value for each pack that you purchase. And with so many options from which to choose, you can easily find the ideal scent for each individual space in your home. Whether you want wax melts for your bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen, you’ll find an array of options to suit your fragrance preferences. 




Between The Sheets - Fresh, crisp, lush linen you’ll want to entangle in every space of your home.



CocoBerry - Sweet Strawberries and decadent Chocolate fudge dip and delight in this melt.

Pineapple Cake - Warm Pineapple cake will fill your home with this sweet and heartwarming fragrance.


Kink- Sugar plums will dance through your room in this sweet and tart blend.

Saturday Morning - Nothing is more endearing than Saturday morning Cartoons and this fun fruity sweet treat.

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - These candles fill the room with a warm and comforting smell of sandalwood, spiced musk, for a earthy and empowering fragrance.

Sea Men - The sweet yet salty oceanic notes combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. 


Moon Polish - A beautiful soft sweet gingerbread aroma to truly warm your home, mind and soul.


Smash My pumpkin - a delicious blend of pumpkin & spices - an essential fall scent


Day dream - feels like taking a walk on  a beautiful fall night


Naked - our classic oatmeal milk & honey fragrance


Master Banating - Your favorite! Our take on Monkey farts! this classic banana scent will have you going BANANAS


Chill Pineapple - this pineapple & sage combination is just what you need for a sweet but masculine aroma.


Boudoir - our cult classic deep amber aroma is a top fan favorite!


Kiss of death - a tantalizing pumpkin spice & apple scent that is sure to get your fall feelings stirring!


Hottie - our favorite cinnamon bubblegum scent now in a melt!


Sleeping beauty - this beautiful green apple scent will make you feel like you're near the seven dwarfs ;)


Whore E O's - Our delicious take on an Oreo cookie aroma !


Cranberry Vampire - our cranberry & spiced apple scent will have you breaking out the sweaters & looking for your warm blankets!


Can Do Porn - a delicious candy corn scent that will have your whole house smelling like halloween in no time!

Customer Reviews

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Vickie Pruitt
It makes my apartment smell so good

Love em

Elizabeth Jarvis
Wax melts

Smell amazing

Heather Baril

Hands down the wax melts are amazing


Love the wax melts! The scent last for so long and they smell amazing!

Kessa Ebben
Gummy worms

These are great and smell so good I considered eating it!